Initiation of the ANKO SMARTRURAL Center

The Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia-ANKO S.A is the Lead Partner and of the European Project entitled “Smart Rural Entrepreneurship – SmartRural”, which is funded under European Territorial Cooperation by the Balkan Mediterranean Program 2014 – 2020. ANKO in continuous cooperation with all involved Project Partners works for common goal of all – to strengthen entrepreneurship and support employment in the countryside through the development and utilization of the SmartRural specialization model, which is based on innovation and sustainable development.

In this context, ANKO is pleased to announce the opening of the SmartRural Support Center “Dimitra” at its offices in Kozani.

Through the Center, ANKO, in collaboration with the External Expertise Provider Hyperco SA, will deliver support services (assistance in the implementation of business ideas, consulting services in legal, tax and other issues, etc.) and implementation of Educational-Training Workshops for dissemination of the SmartRural Model.

Those interested will also be able to visit and register to the physical location of the Center, when the restrictive conditions applicable due to the pandemic (COVID-19), are terminated by the authorities.

At the moment you can be informed about the progress of the Project and about the Center on the official page of the SmartRural Project, on the ANKO website and on the phone 24610 24022.