SmartRural Workshops – Workshops Training


Introduction to European Rural Areas

1. The European rural areas

2. Globalization and it's consequences for small and medium-sized enterprises in the European countryside

European Rural Development Policies Today

1. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

2. Policies to enhance entrepreneurship in the countryside

Entrepreneurship In The Rural Areas

1. Characteristics of the rural entrepreneurship

2. New technologies, innovation and their relation to rural development

Entrepreneurship In The Intervention Area & The Greek Countryside

1. New trends in entrepreneurship issues in the Greek countryside

2. Development issues in the case study

3. Lignite energy production decommissioning


The SmartRural Model & It's Tools

1. SmartRural business development guide

2. "Business Welcome": Report of Policy Recommendations

3. GIS System for rural business areas

4. SmartRural Centers and services provided

5. SmartRural Network and synergy development capabilities

Implementation Of The SmartRural Business Model

1. How to utilize the SmartRural Business Model

2. SmartRural Business Model case studies